Murray and Roberts

Dragline Construction & Licence Mining is involved in the erection, maintenance and repair of draglines for the open cast mining industry and the supply of specialist mining equipment. 

A Preliminary Survey uncovered concerns in the following areas; project costs, completion times, control systems, stock levels, sales performance, workshop productivity levels, transport services and levels of overhead. A structured Programme tackled each of these issues together with a Murray and Roberts Task Force. Project lead times were successfully reduced allowing dragline to improve their position in the market. Stock levels were reduced without affecting service levels and workshop utilisation levels more than doubled.

Isak Ferreira, Operations Director commented,

“the systems developed by Knox D’Arcy changed our management culture from an aggressive, gut-feel approach to a more professional, planned style. Whereas previously much of the know-how was carried around in people’s heads now we have a methodology for managing our business which is understood throughout all levels of the company.”

Asked about sustainability four years later Isak added,

“over the last few years, we have been one of the most successful companies in our Division in terms of profitability. What we learned from Knox D’Arcy was that there is a better way of doing things.”

Knox D’Arcy have since carried out several projects for the Murray and Roberts group.