Forestal Bió Bió (Forestry)

Delta Plus is the name of the new joint project being applied by Forestal Bío Bío and the international company, Knox D'Arcy. The object of this project was to increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization (Forbio and E.S.F.). The project lasted five months and work was carried out on the two operative units: Patrimony and Production.

In the Production Area, audits were made of the areas related to roads, transport and production. In Patrimony, studies were made related to Patrimony and Measurement (plantation, pruning, clearing and thinning) and each one of the departments or units was evaluated.

Knox D'Arcy explained that the object of the project was to increase the productivity of the operations related to handling and management of the Forestal Bío Bío forests.

Knox D'Arcy have worked very closely with Forbio personnel and particularly with the personnel of the client's contractors so as to develop new Planning and Control systems for their activities. This work has been very succesful in allowing the business to reduce contractor costs and increase performance.

Encuentro En Bío Bío is the internal magazine of Forestal Bío Bío, a Chilean subsidiary of the New Zealand conglomerate Fletcher Challenge.