Chemring Countermeasures

When Chemring Countermeasures Ltd, a world leader in protecting air and naval platforms from the threats posed by heat-seeking and radar controlled missiles, embarked upon a radical journey to change the way they produced their life-saving products, the management realised that the effects of this change would reach well beyond the new state-of-the-art production facility itself. They decided that, if they were to optimise their investment, they also needed to have an objective assessment of any weaknesses within their administrative operation, which may impact on the new facility.

While the assessment was needed rapidly, it also had to be thorough. A team from Knox D'Arcy were engaged to carry out the work, which was completed in three weeks.


Commenting on the work done by Knox D'Arcy, Countermeasures Managing Director, Simon Darling said:

 The team were professional, gained the liking and respect of the management team and did a fine job. The approach really took us by surprise and was unlike anything we had experienced before. While the findings were sometimes 'uncomfortable', the logic and power in the tools used was clear, particularly the shadowing which not only acquired the necessary information, but had the effect of lifting productivity!

We were also impressed by how quickly Knox D'Arcy got into the detail of the business and the questions to the maintenance manager relating to where his people were and what they were doing. The phrases 'passive management' and 'active management' have already become part of our daily discussions.

The responses to the management and supervisory questionnaires were very interesting and a real 'eye opener' and resulted in Knox D'Arcy being able to analyse the culture and what changes were required, very well.

Should I have a similar requirement in the future, I would not hesitate to call upon their services and I would be pleased to act as a reference for any other business head who is thinking of engaging Knox D'Arcy.