AGA Mexico

"Task Force" is a term generally used by the military, which refers to a group of persons who must achieve a specific objective in a short period of time. AGA Mexico is making use of this concept with AGA staff and the British company Knox D'Arcy, in order to:

  • Improve the productivity and the planning systems of electrode manufacturing.

  • Reduce inventories, while improving customer service.

  • Change company culture, through changing the management Systems.

AGA staff involved: Javier Mundo, Andres Perez, Jorge Garduno and José Francisco Ureta are now concentrating on analysing and providing solutions or programmes in order to make our operations more dynamic. Several areas of the company will benefit from this major effort. Thus, this Task Force represents an extraordinary strength to support our individual and group efforts. AGA wants results and we are going to get them through team work!

The quote is taken from 'AGA Ampgos' a quarterly bulletin, internally published by AGA Mexico S.A. of C.V.