About Knox D'Arcy

Knox D’Arcy is an international implementation consultancy.

Established in 1986 we have grown mainly by referrals and recommendations and now undertake work in North and South America, North and South Africa as well as in the U.K and mainland Europe.

Our approach to business is based on the premise that improvements in the use of existing resources and assets, and hence profitability, are possible even in the most efficiently run companies.

Our particular form of management consultancy is implementation or "management of change" rather than report writing. Key features of our work are that we quantify the improvements that are available from our work at the beginning of our involvement and ensure that the ownership and authorship of the improvements reside with our clients' people. This approach results in the behavioural and attitudinal change that underpins the sustainability of the tangible and measurable 'bottom line' benefits.